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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Exuberant Joy at HIS CHURCH - HIS KINGDOM Conference

Coming directly from successful campaigns in Malawi and Zambia Rev Dr Howard Sands & Pastor Wayne Lyons stepped directly into HIS CHURCH - HIS KINGDOM Believers Conference in the White Tent at Wellington, Cape Town, South Africa from 21-23 November 2018 which started with awesome praise and worship, although our host Apostle Heinrich Stubbs acknowledged that he had just put the band together and they had hardly any time to practice it was obvious from the beginning that their prayer soaked lives carried the anointing and lifted the participants into the presence of the Lord from the outset.  Howard shared the word for the believers that lifted and challenged them, a young couple that had come with their family some distance for the meeting at the invitation of our host gave their lives to Christ. What a great rejoicing that was.

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The believers conference went on for 3 nights in the tent with different people coming each night and making contacts with the community, Howard and Wayne again took turns to bring the message. A leadership training was held on Friday morning with local Christian leaders from various churches with helpful question and answer sessions. 

The last night in the tent delivered a big challenge to live for God, using the illustrations of water from John 4 (the Samaritan woman at the well – eternal life), “Out of your inner most being shall flow rivers of living water,” from John 7 (the baptism in the Holy Spirit) and the river that flows from the throne of God Revelation 22 (with fruit every month and the leaves are for the healing of the nations, fruitful unity), most people responded to more fully dedicate their lives to the Lord, there was a crowd around the altar as the Lord started to break out among the people in worship, in healing, in deliverance, filling people with His Spirit, exuberant joy, giving their lives to Christ and re-dedication, all happening spontaneously before anyone prayed with them. 

We thank God for His Spirit moving on the people; for Heinrich, in picking up the challenge to move out into a new location, by faith hire a tent and leave a deposit of God in that place to follow up; to Apostle Israel Onoriobe our friend and fellow worker for several years in choosing Heinrich as the vessel to arrange these meetings and working with us, speaking, challenging and praying for people.

Our friend Apostle Martin Burke invited us to share with him in a church leadership training he was doing for another church on Saturday morning, Howard and Wayne shared various aspects of leadership that have helped them in the ministry, this was followed by a fellowship lunch together. 

Sunday saw Howard and Wayne go in different directions to different churches, Wayne speaking at two services in Cape Town and Howard one. The people responding with great enthusiasm to the word. 

We have met some wonderful people, people excited about the move of God in the earth, people passionate to bring this love of Christ to a lost a dying world. We remain thankful and grateful to the Lord and all those who have hosted us, arranged for us, responded to the word and also those who have been a blessing to us as we travel.  


Now the challenge before us is the making of arrangements for African ministry visits for 2019 and 2020. Already many leaders across Africa have submitted their requests for our return or for a first time BFTF visit and we have been working through the logistics of that to maximise the opportunities for Africa in the coming 2 years.

If you are in Africa and would like to submit a request we are now only taking submissions by survey form as there have been so many it has become hard to manage. Submit a survey for 2019 or 2020 if you would like a BFTF visit for an evangelistic/healing outreach crusade, a leadership training, a national pastors and leaders unity conference or any other special event at this link here. 

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This ministry visit was a part of the Beautiful Feet Task Force's commitment through Africa Network BFTF to build resources to help African Christian churches grow, mature & deliver the Great Commission.

Africa Network BFTF now has over 3200 members from 95 countries and has the growth, maturity and unity of the African church as its major priorities. The network is made up of members from many different denominations and many different kinds of ministries, it has approximately 82% of its membership resident in 44 Africa countries.

Unity groups currently operate in 20 nations plus national groups for prayer, youth and determined action.

Membership is invited from anyone involved in Christian ministry in or to Africa, whether full time, part time or volunteer.

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Members can connect together, invite speakers, find places to speak, share their teachings and revelation, sell their product, work for unity.

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