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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Pulpit Rock Training has Launched

Pulpit Rock Training is the newly released social media and public profile training program released by Africa Network BFTF (a division of Beautiful Feet Task Force) in order to address both the the why, what and how of creating a public profile of interest and value on the social platform Africa Network BFTF the concepts of which are easily transferable to any social platform.

By spending just 10 minutes a day, the member will rocket their profile into the top member leaderboards and the upper atmosphere of social profiling, creating a powerful force and recognisable name and brand which may result in increased awareness and opportunities as well as conveying your valuable and important messages to affect hundreds of leaders.

Pulpit Rock Training comes as a regular email with short, simple tasks to do each day complete with why they should be done and the practical step by step instructions of what to do.

Awards for Certified User, Certified Fellow and Certified Expert will be granted. 

Participants can take the principles learned here and apply them to all forms of social media to take their ideas into a much broader market and propel their ministry forward.

When you register by clicking HERE and joining the network you will receive amazing training every few days to enable you to become a master of social networking in just 10 minutes a day.

You will discover:-
  • The benefits of national groups and developing national unity. 
  • How to build friendships and how they help to maximise your ministry. 
  • Why social sharing is critical to your ministry success
  • How to successfully comment and blog to build your reputation. 
  • How leaderboards build your reputation. 
  • How to find and influence new members
  • How our prayer team can undergird and support your ministry. 
  • Where to discover hundreds of resources to help you grow.
  • How to build your events with event promotion. 
  • How to create your own internal dynamic groups for private development of your associates or mentees.   
  • Plus so much more 

Do you have a ministry in Africa or a ministry interest in Africa from outside? 

Join up today and register for Pulpit Rock Training and get on the fast track to building your reputation as a skilled communicator. 

Rev Dr Howard Sands is the International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force, is available as a speaker for churches, outreaches, business & missions.

For more details or to book Howard for your college, church or event see how to frame an invitation here.

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