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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Why You Should Join Africa Network BFTF
and what you are missing out on if you don’t.

So what is Africa Network BFTF and why should I join. 

Africa Network BFTF is an online platform for all those in any leadership position in the church, Christian NGO or entrepreneurial activities focused on winning the lost, maturing the church in Africa and helps by building connections and sharing resources with physical conferences, leadership training, pastors gatherings and prayer times. 

The purpose of the network is to give African church leaders the ability to connect with other leaders and foreign missionaries of various types to assist the delivery of the great commission in Africa.

The plan is to network ministers, ministries and other Christian networks of all kinds interested in the great commission in Africa for mutual benefit and encouragement, establish national groups in all African nations that join together their individual ministries for a common goal of reaching their nation for Christ, building fellowship and prayer networks among leaders where strategic intents for the nation can be discussed and implemented.

Allowing ministers to provide teaching and encouragement to others, those more experienced to share their insights and wisdom with newer ministries. To connect people through their various skills with those looking to utilise such skills.

Africa Network BFTF is building resources to help African Christian churches grow, mature & deliver the Great Commission. 

It is a division of Beautiful Feet Task Force, an international, interdenominational Christian mission organisation focussed on evangelism and bring the church into unity and maturity. 

As more and more members join from many different types and styles of ministry, from many countries and regions we are able to facilitate more resources into training leaders to be more like Jesus, in ways to mature the church and bring it into greater levels of unity. 

We recognise that there are many types of ministry with many different outworkings, doctrines, methodologies etc  and yet these differences create a wonderful kaleidoscope of patterns and colours that the Father is using to portray His church to the world. 
From Him the whole body is fitted and held together by every supporting ligament. And as each individual part does its work, the body grows and builds itself up in love. Eph 4.16 Berean Study Bible.

Through coming together in times of leaders prayer and fellowship at a local level as well as at special events and BFTF Network Summits and conferences of other groups, the church grows in maturity and develops opportunities to reach out to and positively affect local communities with life changing love and care through the message of Jesus Christ.  The overall practical effects of the gospel on Africa is a development of skills, love, peace, joy, resulting in less crime and corruption, less governmental headaches and people wanting to love and serve their communities and nations; this in turn provides a better standard of living and improved interpersonal relationships. 

On a spiritual or eternal perspective, this results in growth in the kingdom of God in both numbers and maturity, bringing more sons to birth and populating heaven with new children for the Father.
"...that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me." Jesus (John 17.21)

As a leader interested in seeing these things happen through practical Christian outworkings you have the opportunity to meet and mingle both online and in face to face situations with other leaders with similar interests even though you may have never met them and perhaps would not ever meet them in the ordinary course of your life; people from your own area as well as other areas of your nation and internationally. People that you can share your insights with to help them with the skills and revelations that you have become confident in. 

The beauty of giving this way is that you can also learn from others, build relationship that will last long term, even to the creating of opportunities for your ministry to spread to other churches, areas and countries. 

Now with over 3000 minister members from over 95 countries (including 44 African countries) you can effectively grow your ministry and influence thousands of similarly inclined leaders instantly by sharing your revelations, knowledge, skills and events in a number of ways as outlined below.

There are many resources on the platform contributed by members as well as official network tools, some of these are:- 
Pulpit Rock Training
Online training for using the network (We recommend all members undertake this short 10 minute a day training) and learning the why and how of social networking through other sites. 
Make friends
Like other social media sites you can make friends and communicate easily with them. 

Access online chat
Live chat box enables you to have live chat with any member online either publicly or privately.
National Groups
Here you can contribute to the discussions about matters of national interest, share your concerns, help others, post information about events that would be of service to others etc. 
General Forums 
Here you can read others concerns of a general nature and contribute to the discussions as well as adding your own, these are available to the whole network membership. 
These are places where you can place your teaching, revelations, testimonies, insights, sermons and read what others have to say.
Post Photos and Videos
Similar to other social media sites you can share your media to let people know about what you are involved in or care about. 
Join existing special interest groups or set up your own, create mentor groups or even groups for your own church or denomination ministers etc. 
Source Speakers
Find people with just the right skills from over 3000 members to come to your ministry to help you overcome certain issues or take your church to new levels of skill, knowledge or anointing. 
Promote your Speaking and other Resources
A wonderful platform for you to find new places to take your ministry to. Share your speaking skills,  promote your books, music, training etc.
Promote your events
Create events and share them with members using full information, graphics, videos, location maps etc. A free service. (Low cost paid advertising also available.)
Attend Network Summits
Every year BFTF holds Network events somewhere in Africa, (moving around different countries) for unity development and leadership training bringing different international qualified ministers to share in the teaching.
Start Bible Colleges for your country, region or church
Africa Network Bible College has been established to help churches be able to provide high quality, high value international standard teaching in order to assist you in the training and discipling of new leaders. 
So many resources are available on the network with over nine years of contributions that powerful search engines have been built into the network to allow you to search specifically within certain areas or generally for resources to help you. 
News Updates
The network features RSS feed for Africa news and Christian mission news.

These are just some of the many features of the network that will enable you to take your ministry into the next level and build on your reputation or find people or resources to help you through current issues. 

Easily. Use a computer to go to the network website and sign up, follow the prompts and security features, (designed for your protection and privacy) and create your account. 
The network uses double optin security. Some smart phones do not have the required level of security to create an account, if you get stuck in the signup process, this is probably the problem and you should sign up using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, afterwards you can access your existing account through a smart phone. The network is mobile friendly.

We look forward to seeing you on the network, sharing your resources and accessing those from others to help develop maturity and unity in the Christian church in Africa …. and beyond. 

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