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Friday, 13 December 2019

The Foundations - New Release

by Howard Sands 

FINALLY publicly released after 25 years in the writing, using, testing and making.  

The Foundations delivers transforming lessons for the Christian believer (especially suited for new believers) to build strong “The Foundations” of their Christian faith. 

The book is divided into 10 easy to follow lessons, each including 10 enlightening discussion questions. They help you clearly understand and establish the vital foundations of the Christian faith to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Developed from a pastors perspective, to strengthen new believers into powerful disciples of Jesus, who understand from the very beginning who they are in Christ and how to live victoriously in Him. 

During his own pastoring and discipling of new believers, Howard was aware of a shortage of material that adequately dealt with this and began writing material to use in his church. This material has now been proven over many years in establishing new Christians, it has been improved and refined over the years to provide this powerfully succinct book you have today. 

Ideal for:- 

  • Churches new Christian classes, 
  • One on one discipleship, 
  • Individual studies for new Christians, 
  • Refreshing those older in the faith in their reason for believing. 

My brother, Howard Sands has made a mark in my life and among the pastors of Maranatha Ministry. He has opened his heart in Making your Mark and made me realise how much I need to work in my leadership to Disciple and to give Foundation truth to be a leader among the leaders. Reading the book led me to pray like Dawson Trotman, 'Oh Lord, help me to build men, strong, holy, prepared men to go to the four corners of the world who will make their mark in the lives of people'.

Rev Dr Charles Finny Joseph
President, Maranatha Ministry, Chennai, India.
General Secretary, Synod of Pentecost Churches

What some of the many Christian leaders around the world have said about "The Foundations."

This is the prayer of thousands of servants of God who are in the discipling ministry. We look for a book to place in the hands of a new convert that will tell him, 'What to do now?' Now here is the prayer answered. I hope and trust that the soul winners will use this. We would like to see this book in the Indian languages. 
Dr. P.G. Vargis 
Founder/President, Indian Evangelical Team New Delhi, India 

“The Foundations” by Howard Sands is one of the best concise training tools for new believers I have ever seen. First the teaching is Biblical and supportive of Evangelical-Full Gospel teaching in its teaching on important doctrines, such as repentance, baptism by immersion and the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Secondly, the various questions with the correlating Bible verses in the reviews will help the new believer to really understand and experience these important foundational truths. 
Pastor Dennis Balcombe 
Snr Pastor, Revival Christian Church Founder and Director, Revival Chinese Ministries Int'l, Hong Kong 

An excellent and useful tool to help new Christians. 
Rev Dr Ken Chant, 
Founder, Vision International College, Sydney, Australia 

This easy to read and teach foundation series is a must for local churches and ministries. This foundation series reflects the extensive ministry and missionary experience of Howard and Joy Sands. 
Apostle Leslie Munsamy 
Founder/President, Global Apostolic Centre, Chairman Apostolic Fellowship of South Africa, Durban, SA  

I think you have produced a very helpful resource here. It is simple yet comprehensive and tackles each basic discipleship area with wisdom yet simplicity. I think the questions are very helpful indeed. 
Pastor Brian Medway 
Snr Pastor, Grace Christian Fellowship;  Chairman, Crosslink Christian Network. Canberra, Australia

About the Author 

Rev Dr Howard Sands, is Founder/International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force (BFTF), an Australian organisation lifting peoples experience to where God says they are in His Word.

Howard takes teams to minister in evangelistic and leadership events across 25 countries encompassing every continent.  

He and his wife Joy have pioneered and pastored Australian churches in Canberra and Sydney and helped establish 5 Bible Schools.

He has degrees in Business Management/Marketing, Advanced Diploma in Ministry and a Doctor of Divinity.

He has owned or managed several business enterprises.  
He is passionate to see people receive Christ and be established as mature reproducing believers.  

A Great Resource to Have Readily Available
We want to get this book in to the hands of churches as a stock item ready for when you lead people to Christ, something ready and waiting in the pastors office for that moment when a person or several people embark on the journey of following Christ.  
  • Maybe you can have one of your leaders take a new believer through the book, lesson by lesson.
  • Perhaps you can run a class, small group of new believers to work through it together. 
  • You can use it as a refresher course for confirming the good foundations for those not as confident and knowledgeable in their faith.

Whichever way you choose to use this book we want to make it easy for you to get bulk copies so that you have them on hand ready for that moment when they can swing into action to establish and strengthen believers in their faith. Therefore we have prepared discount deals on bulk buys and can ship direct to you or direct from the printer whichever is the quickest and most appropriate. 

Some quick captions of what others have to say. 

I wish to endorse fully the wonderful subjects for new believers by Howard Sands.
Apostle Cliff Beard (dec'd) Australia

It is so important for new Christians to be grounded in God’s word. This booklet does that.
Pastor Tom Rawls, UK

Bible based, endorsing the foundation for new and existing believers.
Ray Buckingham, UK

As a resource, this book would be great for group work.
Rev Kevin Hovey, Australia 

This is a Balanced and Relevant material for the Body of Christ.
Bishop Dr. Ben Christopher Don, Ghana  

There are 4 ways to get your copies of this book
1/ Order copies direct from Publisher at retail (ideal for single copy or small volumes). 

2/ Order bulk copies from the author for your church or ministry, at discount prices, freight free. 
3/ Pick up your copies when Howard comes to speak at your church, outreach, conference or event. 
4/ Get a free copy as a BFTF patron.
Which one is going to be right for you.
We will explain each of these below. 

What a variety of leaders from different Australian denominations had to say.

Having know Pastor Howard Sands for over thirty years and working closely with him in outreach work I consider His teachings exemplary and of great importance to the church at large.
Pastor Roy Hullah
Break-free Ministries Inc
Ministry Leadership, Gateway International
Adelaide, South Australia 

I have known Pastor Howard Sands for over 25 years, he is a solid faithful Christian, and I can recommend this study booklet to be used by new Christians and believers. The chapters I believe are tailor made subjects, they are concise and to the point and will give a biblical foundation to those who study it.
Pastor Wayne Lyons
Senior Pastor, High Street Church.
Regional Chaplain, Chaplaincy Australia: 
Chaplain to Veterans and 1WayFM Radio
Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia 

This is an inspirational Biblical teaching of God’s word to equip and edify the saints, believers in His Vineyard, for an expansion of God’s Kingdom on Earth… Hallelujah.
Rev Peter Kekere
Senior Pastor and Founder,
Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre Incorporated
Director, International Praise Ministries
Bankstown, NSW, Australia. 

It is vitally important for new Christians to receive instruction on the foundations of the faith to give them confidence and stability in their new walk. This little book gives an excellent summary of the major issues and will be a big help to new converts and also to enquirers.
Pastor Dennis Prince
Snr Ps Kingston City Church, Melbourne.
Director, Resource Christian Music
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The teaching in this important booklet is simply laid out and easy to understand. Howard has done an exceptional job in taking the essential truths contained within the Word of God, and making them palatable for the new Christian’s early understanding.
Pastor Eric Roggeveen
Former Snr Pastor, Riverlands Christian Church
Former Blue Mountains District Leader, Australian Christian Churches.
Penrith, NSW, Australia

I don’t know of any basic guide to establishing new Christians in their faith in Christ that answers every question. Whoever takes their relationship with a new Christian seriously, will realize this and respond as the Holy Spirit leads, not as a book dictates. However this study informs a follower’s faith with the Word, touching on the areas of life, that are foundational to an ongoing walk of growth and fruitfulness in the Kingdom. Howard accomplishes his goal of laying a foundation.
Captain Dale Brooks
Team leader, Capricorn Region Salvation Army
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

I have personally known Ps Howard Sands for over 16 yrs and his Foundations Course is very Biblically based, straight forward and to the point, easy to read, study and understand for new believers and seekers alike. The review sections are very helpful and insightful.
This short but balanced course will enrich, encourage, strengthen and empower new believers and longer standing believers/seekers as well.
I recommend this scripture, meaty and Jesus/Bible based course to any individual and church/bible study group. Ps Howard’s love for Jesus, The Word of God and for new believers to be well grounded is very clear. Well done Ps Howard and thankyou for your passion.
Maurice Antonelli
Go Global-Director, YWAM speaker.
OG Baptist Church-Missions
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Howard Sands has written a succinct but comprehensive foundation studies that will help new believers to lay a strong foundation for their on-going discipleship. His combination of both didactic as well as inductive approach makes this foundation study series very effective for new believers.
Rev Benny Ho
Snr Pastor, Faith Community Church,
Founder of Arrows School of Ministry
Coordinator of Australian-Asian Churches Network
Committee Member of the Love-Singapore Network
Perth, Western Australia.

This booklet has been very well prepared by Howard to enable new believers to become established in the faith. It is a brief presentation of the first principles in the life and growth of the Christian, yet it is certainly thorough and concise. Church leaders will benefit by the use of this short, but extensive manual, as they seek to extend the Kingdom.
Pastor John W.J. Hewitt
Apostolic Church Australia
Formerly National Leader/President 1980-84
Pioneer missionary in Papua New Guinea Highlands. 1962-70
Senior Minister Highway Christian Church Knox Vic 1970-98
Founding member of Australian Pentecostal Fellowship and one time Chairman.
Knox, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The booklet is concise and gives a firm foundation to new Christians in their new found faith. It is easy to read and clearly explains all the jargon in plain English. It fills the believer with hope and assurance whilst equipping them for their new life. It teaches them to focus on God and to seek guidance from his word. A very good booklet.
Pastor Paul Hutchinson
Associate Pastor, Church Of The Rock,
Kingswood, NSW, Australia

Howard has covered all the subjects new converts need to understand to go onto maturity.
Rev Tony Rawson
Itinerant Bible Teacher
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

As a resource, this book would be great for group work. Then with its questions it becomes a useful workbook and reference afterwards. As such, it will be valuable to assist in the discipleship of new Christians.
Rev Kevin Hovey
Director, Global Training Ministries,
Head of Department, Pastoral and Cross Cultural Ministry, Senior Lecturer in Missiology 
Alphacrusis College
Parramatta, NSW, Australia 

What will readers learn and How will it affect them? 

Take a look at these great topics covered 

Here is an small excerpt from lesson 4. VICTORY- OUR POSITION IN CHRIST 

2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

Since we made a decision to ask Christ into our life we are no longer the same as we used to be. The Bible tells us in this passage that if any person is in Christ, (we are in the Body of Christ, that is the church; when He is in us, and He came to be in us when we asked Him to forgive us and come into our life; therefore this passage is talking to all born again believers) YOU ARE A NEW CREATION, the old has gone and a new you has come.

Colossians 1:13 The old you was in the Kingdom of darkness but the new you has been brought out of that Kingdom which has Satan as its king and brought into the Kingdom of His Son which has Jesus as its king.

Romans 12:2 We need to take a hold with our mind, of the things that have happened to us by renewing our mind to think about us like God thinks about us. 

Here's a few sample questions from lesson 7 SHARING YOUR FAITH 
1. What was Jesus last command to His disciples? ________________________________

2. What did Jesus tell the disciples to teach the new believers to obey? ________________

3. Acts 1:8 Where do you think this means you should be a witness? __________________

4. What was Peter’s first reaction to the questioning of those that saw and heard the events of the Holy Spirit being poured out on them? _____________________________________

5. Acts 5:42 What did they never stop doing? ____________________________________ 

Use it to connect people to your ministry
Lesson 10 after talking about the local church in general terms it creates a place for the local pastor or leader to insert vision and purposes of their local church and explain more about how their local church functions. 

How will this help new believers
Your new believers, or older believers refreshing themselves in the foundations of this Christian life, will understand from scripture their salvation, how they came to it and what it has done for them, the importance of a right fellowship with God through the Bible and prayer, understand who they are in Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit working through them and how to share that with others effectively. It will set them on a path of growth to maturity in Christ to live as His disciples.

More international comments about THE FOUNDATIONS

It is always good to see printed material being produced for brand new Christians. Howard Sands has presented us with such material to help new Christian believers get established in their walk with God.
Rodney W. Francis
Founder/Director, The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry
Former pastor in New Zealand and National leadership Team of Elim Churches of NZ  

I am glad I read it and it was so encouraging for the new believers and has a very good foundation for those starting in salvation since it laid a good start.
Pastor Frederick Morara Mogere,
Pastor, Apostolic Church of America, Kenya Mission,
Kisii, Kenya

It is so important for new Christians to be grounded in God’s word. This booklet does that. The most prominent thing about this resource is the absolute reliance upon the word of God as “sincere milk” for those who have just been born again.
Tom Rawls
Senior Minister, Proclaimers
Norwich, UK  

The Foundations - a study for new believers is an invaluable tool for new believers who want to grow in Christian faith. The subjects covered are significant to one with a longing heart to grow in the word. It gives you a foundation for you to build upon and can also be used by bible teachers for new believers, so use this classic study as a bible study guide.
Bishop Dr. Gerishon K. Njoroge
The founder and the presiding Bishop,
Wings Of Life Gospel Centre - Church ,Kenya Director, Citadel Of Hope School
National Chairman, Communion Of Christian Churches Of Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya 

There are many books available today written expressly for new Christians but none quite like this one. This short book tells it 'as it is'. It is hard hitting and easy to read and it is designed to develop a deep hunger for God in the new disciple and an enthusiasm to fulfil the great commission. It is also scripturally
sound and uncompromising in its challenge. These are demanding days and we need to produce followers of Jesus who can withstand the increasing pressures of such 'end time' realities. Scripture asks...'when He comes will He find faith on the earth?' This book can be a tool to help us make sure the answer is in the affirmative.
Howard Barnes (Servant Apostle)
Co-founder and Co-director of The Call2Come
Truro, Cornwall, UK  

This is a balanced and relevant material for the Body of Christ. It’s instructive and informative!!! God Bless you Howard. You are a Blessing!
Dr. Ben Christopher Don
Senior minister, Higher Height Christian Embassy.
President, Global Covenant Minister's Network. [GCMN]
Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana 

The publication is really great. The foundational truths that every believer needs to know regardless of how long you have known the Lord.
Pastor Kenny Bisha Goma
Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Christian Church
Kafue, Zambia 

This is good materials especially for new believers.
Pastor Eliah Edward Mauza
Senior Pastor, Endtime Harvest Church, Lifeway Ministries International
Apostle, Chairman of Pastors Fellowship in Dodoma,
Founder of African Task Mission Network,
Dodoma, Tanzania 

This publication is timely for church leaders who want to see their congregation grow in the Lord and ready for the return of the Lord. I recommend it to all Pastors, Leaders and Missionaries.
Rev Franklin Andrew Koroma,
Founder and General Overseer, Living Word Ministries,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

I found the book, “The Foundations,” as a must use book for our newcomers foundation classes, that will lead to water baptism. My church is now using the book for our newcomers/baptismal class so I wish to recommend it to church leaders for their churches foundation class use.
Bishop Godspower E. Adaka
General overseer/founder, Covenant of Grace Bible Church Int’l Inc.
Presiding Bishop: Anointed Bishops International Fellowship,
Africa Regional Overseer, Global Church Fellowship International,
Africa Continental Bishop, International Fellowship of Independent Interdenominational Churches and Christian Ministries.
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Look Inside

If you're still not convinced this is the book you should be using for all your new believers and establishing confident, your less secure or knowledgeable members in the faith, take a look inside at the first few pages using Amazon LOOK INSIDE feature here. 

Ordering Details 

Decide how many copies you are going to need. 

Method 1/ 
Order your copies 1-4 direct at Amazon here $9.99 USD  

Method 2/ 
Order bulk copies direct from the author at discount prices, freight free via Beautiful Feet Task Force shop facebook page  5-11 copies $15.00ea AUD 12-24 copies $12.95ea AUD 25-49 copies $10.95ea AUD 50+ copies $9.95ea AUD All prices include postage

Method 3/
Pick up your copies when Howard comes to speak at your event. Make sure you advise how many copies you are likely to need and the size of your congregation so adequate stocks can be brought.

Method 4/
Get a free copy,
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