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Sunday 26 November 2023

How to Sign UP or Sign IN to Africa Network BFTF

Africa Network BFTF 

Africa Network BFTF banner

Africa Network BFTF  is a private social media platform for ministers and Christian leaders of all denominations and activities to build resources to help African Christian churches grow, mature & deliver the Great Commission.
It is open to all African Christian leaders in Africa, and 

  • to those outside of Africa with a ministry interest in Africa, 
  • either because you are originally from Africa and now reside elsewhere, 
  • or are non African but have a ministry interest there by visits, by supplying materials, support, training etc. 

It is a Division of Beautiful Feet Task Force. 

To sign UP 

(that is - to apply to become a member, or create an account)

follow these simple steps. 

This is where you Sign UP to become a new member of Africa Network BFTF

1/ Click the link above.

2/ Click Sign UP or Create New Account (You can’t sign IN until you have first created an account)

3/ Enter your name (first name followed by last name)  and email address where asked,

Create a password for this account and also type it EXACTLY the same again where asked to retype password.

Enter date of birth,

Tick, I am not a robot.

Answer security question who is your saviour.

Press Sign UP.

Select correct answers for Captcha pictures, (this is to stop robots applying). You may have to do this several times. 

If you continually keep getting asked to complete the captcha, there could be a problem with your device cache, 
Empty the cache and try again,  

or you may get an error message like this 

if you see this message your browser may not be supported-

You can change to another browser 

or change to a different device. 

When you have completed the application - 

1/ Go to your email and find the confirmation message we sent you and click the CONFIRM link in it. If it is not found in your inbox check your spam filter.

2/ After you click the confirm link in the email you receive from us, you will be taken back to the network to complete your personal profile information. 

Questions profile face photo 1, 2, 2a, 3, 4. 5. 6. 7, 8. enter as much as possible and press Submit.

3/ Wait, (up to 24 hours) for a confirmation email that you have been accepted. There should be 3 email messages sent to you.

Check spam filter if not found and white list email address our message comes from.
Help on how to White List is found on the network under the Technical help menu. 

4/ Go back to the network, read the message in your inbox AND on your comment wall and follow instructions.

If you follow this it should work. If you try and something does not go according to how I have set it out here, please write back with a detailed description of which point you got up to and what happened.

Enclose screen shots of the problem if you can. 


If You Can’t Sign IN 

This is where existing members Sign IN for Africa Network BFTF

1/ Select Sign IN link

2/ Enter your registered email and password

3/ Click – Sign IN
That’s it – you are in.  If you did not get inside see below for possible reasons

Things to do when signed in

Go to Main page and see – latest activity.
Go to “Settings” and update your information including your email address.

Go to your “My page” and check that your updates are correct and all your links go to the correct place.  
Go to Friends and accept any friend requests you have received.

Go to Inbox and answer any incoming messages you have received.
Go to “Getting Started” Page  under "Members" menu item and work through the items to complete your set up, 


  • white listing our sending email addresses. 
  • Creating a secure vault for all your passwords, (so you never forget them) 
  • registering for free Pulpit Rock Training.


If you did not get in

1/ Check that your internet connection is not disrupted.

2/ If you get a message that says
"The username and/or password are incorrect. Please try again."

Check with where you saved your sign in details that you have email and password correct (don’t trust your memory, check).  

If you need to reset your password click -  Forgot your password?

If that didn’t get you in or you didn’t get the email-
select the link

I still can't sign in. 
And write a detailed explanation of what you have tried and what results you got.
This may not be a quick reply, it could take many days as we are not checking that email notification very often.

If you are on facebook write to Howard Sands on messenger at

We look forward to your participation in the network. 

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