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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Practical Steps to Prepare for your Big Event, Outreach or Seminar.

Soulwinning and discipleship is our passion.

 After 40 years of conducting large and small crusades, conferences and seminars across many developing nations we decided to make the collective wisdom of many leaders available to all to help overcome problems associated with 

  • Organising, 
  • Gaining Participation, 
  • Physical locations, stages, sound, light etc
  • Advertising
  • Financing
  • Prayer support
  • Follow Up, Establishing people into existing or planting new churches. 

Experience has shown us that if we do not prepare properly we will lose much fruit.  Either our efforts do not reach the heights we wanted or the results are not what we hoped for or the ongoing outcomes a year or so afterwards do not reflect the goals we set. 

We used this little alliteration for many years in leadership seminars. 

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance. 

We have distilled the wisdom of many leaders into a manual that you can use to prepare well for any large scale event, whether it is an outreach crusade, a denominational or multidenominational conference, a training seminar or your own church conference etc. 

This wisdom is now available in a hard copy book that you can use a basis for your planning year after year to gain maximum benefits from your event. 

If you follow it carefully and completely you will see amazing results that others will wish they could get, but don't. 

The secret is prayer, not just prayer though, because we know you pray, but integrated prayer through structured approaches to every aspect of planning and preparation. 

If you use this philosophy in all your planning you will not go far wrong. 

Begin with the end in mind.

What do you want to achieve? if that is not clear to you before you start how will you assess whether it was successful or not.  You will have an event with lots of excitement, singing and dancing and preaching but will anything be changed one year on?

Ask your self the tough questions, ask yourself about your last event, What did we set out to achieve? was that measurable? did we measure it? did we achieve our objectives? What could we do better?

This manual will walk you through every aspect of planning, from deciding that leadership committee to choosing the various departments and the leaders for those departments, their character and abilities to the weekly measurement of progress on all major points. 

Order now in order to plan your next event.  

Why you need this instruction and procedure manual.

Because you want your event, (crusade, seminar, performance, music event, conference) to be the best it can be, to get the most out of the available money to run it, even how to get the funds to run it, how to make sure all the practical stuff is thought through carefully in advance so that the maximum possible fruitfulness can be gathered from your efforts for Kingdom building.

Howard Sands has 40 years experience in speaking at, planning or running large scale Christian events in evangelism and leadership training, now is your time to hack that wisdom and knowledge and get a leg up on your event planning with this procedure manual suitable for any application or country.  

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Rev Dr Howard Sands is the International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force, is available as a speaker for churches, outreaches, business & missions. 


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