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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sonship - Growth Patterns to Maturity

Why is it that many Christians are not living to their full potential, partaking of their birthright?

Check the link at the end of this blog to listen to this message delivered by Howard Sands. 
This forms part of a series on Sonship.  

SPIRITUAL GROWTH determines our partaking of the birthright.
1 John 2.12-16

3 Greek Words
in NT. are translated as various forms of spiritual growth
TEKNON:        one born, a child; an infant

NEOS NEANISKOS:     A YOUTH, UNDER 40, a child without the full power of speech;
(Michael Green, "Free to Serve" says, not allowed to be an elder in the Jewish synagogue under 40.

PATER:         father; literal or figurative

3 Stages of Growth
1 John 2.12-14

Little children: (Babes): basically sense conscious, aware that- 
  • their sins have been forgiven           
  • they have known the Father
  • novices in the faith, 
  • they are pardoned and they know it

Fathers: Basically spirit conscious, knowing God intimately
  • you have known Him that is from the beginning (twice)

From the first station to the highest station of stature in the faith that those in the middle may hear and understand both where they have come from and perceive what they must come to:
A place of maturity thru love 1 Jn 2.9-11
A place of purity not loving the world 1 Jn 2.15-17
Young Men: basically soul conscious, aware that-
  • victory over Satan is a reality
  • are strong, the word of God abides in you
  • you have overcome the wicked one

You think you know it all but God wants you to draw close to Him.
Warrior spirit must give way to worshiper.
Worship through a lifestyle of love and purity brings maturity.

Satan has 3 areas to tempt you - God has provided a remedy in each area. 
Satan tempted Eve in the garden in 3 areas Gen 3.6 &  she put herself  under authority of Satan. 
There is little wonder Adam said to God “I was afraid and hid myself” when God came to him 
Gen 3.10  Old testament and  & New Testamemnt line up

Sin appetites / over indulgences

1 Jn 2.16
1 Thes 5.23
1 Jn 2. 12-14
Sin appetites
over indulgences
good for food
lust of the flesh
1 Cor 6.13msg
SEX 1 Cor7.5
pleasant to the eyes
lust of the eyes
Rom 1.21
to be desired to make one wise
pride of life
PRIDE Prov 16.18
Isa 14.14
Isa 42.8
2 Chron 32.26 

(c) Howard Sands

3 Varieties of Food
Milk:     1 Peter 2.2
Bread:    Luke 11.11
Meat:     Hebrews 5.13-14

3 Kinds of Relationships
John 12.1-8

Martha:   a servant heart  (a need to do for God) Sacrifice
Martha was previously reproved by Jesus for being troubled with much serving,
she does not leave off serving but serves within his hearing,
Christ does not reprove her this time,
Solomon's servants waited on him in his courts to hear his wisdom

Lazarus: previously raised from dead, sat at table, fellowship
he sat at meat as a monument of the miracle Christ had wrought,
those Christ has raised up, made to sit together with Him Eph 2.5

Mary:     anointed Jesus feet wiped them with her hair,
total surrender, adoration, worship. 

A generous love,
She is ingenious to create an occasion of expense in his service.
(Close to a years wages for a labourer.)
If we truly love him we must be willing to lay out our best for Him.

A genuine love
True love as it does not spare cost so it does not spare pains in honouring Christ,
she did not anoint his head as customary but his feet,
she did not get a servant to do but she did it herself,
she humiliated herself by wiping them with her hair (not caring for tradition – women should have bound hair in the presence of men.)

Considering what Christ has done and suffered for us, we are very ungrateful if we think any service too hard to do or too mean and degrading to stoop to.

A believing love
There was faith working by this love, faith in Christ as the Messiah, the Anointed one.
Matthew Henry said: “Let us pour on him the ointment of our best affections above all competitors, by consenting to Christ as our King we appoint him our head.”


3 Greek Words
3 Stages of growth
3 Varieties of food
3 Kinds of relationships

1 John 2.12-14

John 12.1-8
sense conscious
sins forgiven
have known Father
1 Pet 2.2
Martha - a willing and loving server
young men
soul conscious
victory over satan
know the word
Lk 11.11
Lazarus - seated together with Him

(c) Howard Sands
spirit conscious
know God intimately
Heb 5.13-14
Mary - total surrender nothing is too much to do for Him

What challenges do you face to get there?
What do you need to do to move along in your spiritual maturity?
Where will you grow to? 

Let us go on to maturity. 
Rev Dr Howard Sands 

This teaching was delivered by Howard Sands on 26/6/2017 and can be hear under the title 
Sonship 2 - Growing to Maturity at 

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