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Saturday, 2 October 2021

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New Book by Howard Sands

Your Kingdom Come

The Lord's Prayer, not a liturgy, not a model prayer, but a whole new way of life.

In The Lord's Prayer I think that what Jesus was actually teaching us was not that we should pray and repeat the words he had given us; although in the two versions, (Matthew 6 and Luke 11) which seemingly are on two different occasions, he said almost the same words, but he was teaching us something about life. The first verse in Matthew chapter 6 is part of the Sermon on the Mount. 

The Lord's Prayer is commonly thought to be a prayer of hastening the day of the coming of the Lord. I suspect that it's more - it's not asking God, "Is He going to come," It's not praying, "Lord, please come," It is saying, "Your Kingdom Come." It's a statement of fact. It's a faith statement. It's a statement that is declaring something. The entire Lords Prayer may in fact be far more than we have accredited it with, more than a religious liturgy, or request for His involvement and benevolence in our lives, but, in fact, an instruction for the whole of life. This book explores each piece of the Lord's Prayer in this light and comes up with some amazing constructs for living a powerful, God honouring, overcoming life and being part of establishing His Kingdom on earth.

The Lord’s Prayer is part of Jesus’ teaching on life. It is part of the Sermon on the Mount, which is not a teaching on prayer, it’s a teaching on character and behaviour and how to live, and within this sermon, the Lord’s Prayer teaches us how we ought to conduct our relationship with God. 

From the Forward  by 
International Evangelist Tim Hall.

"...It is a very strong, honest and practical handbook that is brilliantly compiled and full of strong revelation that will take the reader's spiritual life to a new dimension. This is a strategic book of very real significance for these turbulent times."

Evangelist Tim Hall
Founder Tim Hall International Ministries Inc.

I want us to see, that in this prayer is the whole of the gospel message and how it is relevant to every aspect of our lives. This is the entire gospel message wrapped up and encased in these few words. This is relevant not only to prayer, but to every aspect of our lives.

This book is ideal as 
  • A Ministry resource for pastors, 
  • Church department and group leaders, 
  • Those wanting to lead participants in a deeper life, 
  • Those wanting to progress themselves deeper into the kingdom. 

What Australia's Christian Leaders are saying about 
"Your Kingdom Come."

This Book is so important for every believer to read! A Prayerless believer is a powerless believer. Oh how we need to get back into the prayer closet every day! Howard Sands has released this book in a crucial time, and hopefully this will be a wake-up call to many, to return to the Lord as their first Love & get on their knees in prayer!

Pastor Matt Prater – New Hope Church Brisbane
Host – Historymakers radio & Vision radio Weekends presenter
Former Chairman – National Day of Prayer & Fasting Australia

What a well of refreshing and  inspiration read from the Lord’s Prayer by Howard Sands.
During our season of over 30 years ministry in Papua New Guinea, the believers never knew God as God, but it was always “Papa God” or Father God
Loved those early chapters. I thought here in the Lord’s prayer we have the complete Gospel message for mankind, especially believers. 
Not some ritual or something spoken during a church service but the complete whole message in just 5 verses. 
Dr Graham Baker  DD MA
Missionaries to PNG 1965-1996  (Together with Dr Irene Baker )
Missions Director for the Foursquare Churches for 1997-2016 19  
Director of Lighthouse Global Ministries 1996-

"As you read Your Kingdom Come, A Different Way to Look at the Lord’s Prayer
you will be inspired by Howard's very practical and in-depth look at our Lord's prayer. Though it could easily be call Our Prayer, Howard's unpacking of The Lord's Prayer is a great insight into how a Christian's life was intended to be lived within God's Kingdom; and when it is, that life impacts all lives around it. This book is likely to challenge you, and I pray it will take you on a life-long journey of walking in His Kingdom."

Pastor Ric Burrell 
Snr Ps Strong Nation Church, Hawkesbury, Penrith, Blue Mountains NSW; Cambodia. 
District leader, Australian Christian Churches.

About the Author 

Rev Dr Howard Sands, is Founder/International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force (BFTF), an Australian organisation lifting peoples experience to where God says they are in His Word.

Howard takes teams to minister in evangelistic and leadership events across 26 countries encompassing every continent.  

He and his wife Joy have pioneered and pastored Australian churches in Canberra and Sydney and helped establish 5 Bible training facilities. He is the founder of Africa Network BFTF, an online membership platform for pastors and leaders in or interested in Africa for building resources to help African Christian churches grow, mature & deliver the Great Commission, now with over 3900 memberships.

He has degrees in Business Management/Marketing, Advanced Diploma in Ministry and a Doctor of Divinity.

He has owned or managed several business enterprises.  Worked in sales, sales management, business development for major corporations, small business and not for profits. 

He is passionate to see people receive Christ and be established as victorious, overcoming  reproducing believers. 

A great resource to help:- 
  • your prayer life,
  • maturity &
  • understanding your position in Christ to live victoriously in every situation.

Use it:-   
  • as a devotional 
  • a reference book 
  • a prayer stimulator
  • a teaching tool
  • a learning process of your position in Christ. 

More Leaders Comments 

From his opening citation of Clyde Herring’s witty, amusing, and provocative expansion of The Lord’s Prayer, Dr Sands goes on to dig deeply into the true meaning and application of what it means to pray as Jesus taught us. His book provides an excellent analysis of the structure and terms used in the prayer, but far more, every page is redolent of the author’s deep devotion to Christ and of a strong relationship with the Lord. 

Your Kingdom Come could be read as an extended devotional, perhaps a chapter a day, mixed with prayer and serious meditation. For slower readers, perhaps only a portion of a chapter, depending upon how much time is available. But anyone who reads this book thoughtfully, and with a mind open to the Holy Spirit, will, in my opinion, be enriched by the encounter.
Rev Dr Ken Chant
Member of the Order of Australia.
Bachelor of Arts (BA); 
Master of Religious Education (MRE); 
Doctor of Ministry (DMin); 
Doctor of Theology (ThD); 
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
Ordained in the CRC Churches International (since 1954).
Founder, (with Dr Stan DeKoven) of the worldwide Vision Christian College, and Australasian president of the same. 
Vision College, founded in 1974, currently has some 100,000 students in about 150 countries, with about 2 million graduates, who have established more than 10,000 new churches. 

This challenging and practical walk-through of the Jesus' model prayer hits at the heart of the daily life of a follower of Christ. It’s message is an encouragement and a paradigm shift to believers of all stages. This is exactly what Howard has demonstrated over decades of faithful, humble service to our Lord in Australia and beyond. I commend Howard, his ministry and this book to you.

Pastor Darren Hessenberger
Senior Pastor,
Highlands Christian Church, Mittagong, Australia
International Missions Coordinator, Bethesda Ministries International 

This book gives a true understanding of what we call the Lords Prayer, giving a biblical meaning to this amazing scripture, explaining true Christianity as a relationship with God. Discounting the law as only a shadow of what God really has for us. Understanding and revelation will be received from reading this manuscript, well done!

Pastor John Gear 
International Network of Churches
Chairman, Blacktown Ministers Network.  

The Purpose in Looking at this Prayer

Many different churches have taught many different things about the Lord’s Prayer over the years and our purpose is not to look at the how and the why of a liturgy, which it has been used as, but more at what Christ was teaching about life in this prayer.

Chapter Topics

1/ Our Father, 

Who is Our Father, what does He want with me and how does He want to relate with me. 
What is God actually saying to me now and how is that going to affect my life here on earth? And how is my life going to be affected by what He’s teaching me about prayer? 

2/ Which Art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name
Where is heaven, how is your relationship with the God of Heaven, how do you get there, what does it mean 'to hallow.'  The name speaks about the person. The person and the name are synonymous. 

3/ Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done
“Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  It is a statement of fact, a faith statement, “Lord, we are declaring your kingdom that is in heaven, to be here on earth.” This is the central message of all Christ’s teaching. He teaches about the kingdom. 

4/ Give us Today our Daily Bread 
God doesn’t want us to go without. God is saying, this is what you should pray, ‘Ask God to meet your daily needs. Therefore, I think by inference, we can say that God does not want us to be without our daily needs. How are you receiving? 

5/ Forgive us our Debts
This is an instruction for living as much as it is an instruction about praying. Praying is about living because we should pray about our life. Our life should be a prayer and we should pray about our life. Jesus’ instruction in the Lord’s Prayer is about how to live our life. Jesus teaches us that an important aspect of life, and therefore prayer, is forgiveness. 

6/ Lead us not into Temptation but Deliver us from Evil 
Satan can’t bring destruction upon our lives unless he has permission. You know that. We can give him permission, but God can also give him permission. Do you want to let God give Satan permission to destroy things in your life? If you don’t want to let God, give Satan permission then read this chapter very carefully.

7/ The Doxology
The ending, the recognised conclusion. Let’s look at what it says. “Thine is the kingdom” I’m pretty excited about that because Jesus’ whole life and ministry was about the kingdom. He taught about the kingdom. He told so many parables, saying; “the kingdom of God is like” ...  He told all these stories because He was trying to convey to the people what the kingdom of God is like. This book helps you understand and live in this Kingdom.

The Purpose of the Lord's prayer 
As we looked at that earlier, when we read about “Your Kingdom come,” we found that the kingdom of God is like God invading our life. It’s like God taking over every part of our lives. The whole purpose of the Lord’s Prayer is in fact, that we might understand that God wants to be in every part of our lives.

More Comments by Australian Leaders

There are lots of good thoughts here which can open new doors in your thinking, and introduce you to some new and exciting vistas for your faith.

Pastor Tony Rawson
Evangelist and conference speaker
CRC Churches International.

This short book on the Lord’s Prayer is written with the clear intention of opening up the Prayer for everyday use. Both readers who have prayed the Prayer for decades and those who have never prayed it will find this book equally thought-provoking, engaging and inviting. Howard speaks from his heart and this work reflects his own personal love for our Father in heaven of whom he writes.

Dr Barry Chant
Author and Teacher
Founding President, Tabor College Australia 

Thank you, Howard, for this insightful, relevant, and practical book. It will certainly help to encourage and revitalize the lives of those who read it. Your reflections on the Lord’s Prayer and truths about the kingdom of God are obviously the result of much thought and many years of effective ministry experience throughout the world.

In these times of darkness, when the kingdoms this world are being shaken, when the truth is being so severely challenged, and the spirit of fear is destroying so many lives, we need to be reminded of the unshakeable nature of the kingdom of God. Your book does this, and importantly helps us to know how to pray effectively and how to be relevant, faithful, and powerful ambassadors of God’s kingdom. 

Pastor Richard Kerridge 
Perth, WA, Australia  
Liberty World Missions Ltd -- Director     
Associated Christian Ministers International (ACMI) - International Chairman 
Liberty Bible College – Principal
Africa Business Community (ABC) - Director  

How to Get your Copy.

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