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Sunday, 7 July 2013


I came across this blog this week on Africa Network BFTF from one of our members and thought is worthy of repeating here.

Do your BEST and God will do the REST! You can't expect God to do his part, when you fail to do your own part. Miracles are workable; the scriptures speak of the working of miracles. Instead of waiting for a miracle, you can initiate one by doing the right things via the right principles.

God's intervention is not an excuse for irresponsibility, nether is God a patron for the passive, nor heaven an asylum for failures. You either do something with your time, energy and resources or you rot and rust away.

God did not create the heavens and the earth by sitting down and claiming promises. He stepped out of eternity into time and worked for six days (Six thousand years in human calculation) and rested on the seventh day.

In Genesis 2: 8, God did what most of us have never done: He planted a garden. Most of us want to eat fruits, but we don't want to plant a garden.

A generation that believes in prosperity without principles, success without work, Privileges without responsibilities is a cursed generation.

It's time to get up! If you sleep, your life would slip off. To be seasoned, you must reason. To have worth, you must embrace work, not as punishment, but as opportunity to shape your destiny. Convert your confession into a profession; it takes just that to reach the ultimate of your potential. 
See you there!  

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