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Monday, 20 August 2012

Operation Africa 2012 - You Can Participate

Dear friends, prayer partners and supporters,

We thank you for your friendship and consistent prayerful support of our ministry and endeavours to shine the light of Jesus into the lives of those who don't know him. You may be aware that Beautiful Feet Task Force commenced a ministry to the Christian leaders in or concerned with Africa just over three and a half yeras ago, this ministry known as Africa Network BFTF has now grown to approx 2300 members including ministers from 80% of the African countries in so many capacities, ie. Apostolic leaders of movements, senior pastors of large churches, small churches and mission stations, evangelists and prophets, Bible College principals and mission association directors and staff (including those in many western countries). It is a great privelege to facilitate and lead this awesome group of people that have a passion for delivering the gospel to Africa.

Our first trip to the continent, after concentrating so much on India for the last 30 years, was a challenge for us, but God has seen fit to allow us the opportunity to minister to this continent through visits, providing of water wells in poor Tanzania and an internet based ministry to see 18 African national groups for unity be started with local leaders and given us such a heart for the people of Africa that we wanted to share with you the details of this wonderful opportunity for you to be a part of.

This October we will again be embarking on a visit to 3 nations of East Africa to open water wells and conduct crusade evangelism at those locations. To facilitate the running of national conferences for ministers of the gospel in both Tanzania and Kenya in cooperation with our national leaders of groups for unity in those nations and most exciting conduct the first Pan Africa Congress for ministers from all over Africa to be held in Kampala Uganda on the theme "Kingdom Building Through Unity."

I write to bring you up to date on these matters because we seek your involvement in this ministry through any of three ways.

African Christianity is growing at a rapid pace, far outstripping Christian growth in western nations, Uganda now has more missionaries in the UK than the UK has in the rest of the world. There are many of the worlds largest churches in Africa, there is a great passion to win the lost and plant new churches but many nations are wracked with corruption, dictatorships, violence and civil war and the church is inundated with personalities building there own kingdoms, unethical practices, poor doctrine, wrong teaching and a great lack of cooperative spirit.

It is because of this dichotomy of passion for building the kingdom plagued by self interest that we are drawn to help and add a voice for unity and help in bringing an understanding of what the kingdom of God is all about.

There are several key ministers joining me in this program from around the world to minister in this Congress. Ministers from Australia, India, United kingdom, Kenya, will be sharing on the platform of the Pan Africa Congress.  We want to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this history making event with us by one of three ways.

First and foremost
We need your prayer support. Plans of this magnitude come under attack from the evil one and we look for the saints to stand with us regularly in the preparation time and during the ministry time through the month of October. Will you join us as a prayer partner and pray consistently for these outcomes.
  • That Christ will be lifted up and honoured in all the preparations and events.
  • That Hundreds will be saved and healed physically and spiritually.
  • That ministries and churches will be lifted in their desire for and practise of unity.
  • That the speakers will be protected, filled with His Spirit and provided for in all their physical needs.
  • That the organisers in each location will know the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow Him.
  • That the organisers in each location will find the manpower support they need for all these events and the finance to bring them together.
  • And finally for me, as I prepare, discuss, communicate, plan, organise and go; that a voice of the Spirit of God will be given to me in all of this and that His Kingdom would grow in unity because of this.

we need dedicated people to stand with us and share the load of the costs of this ministry, we have personaly borne all of the cost to date in setting up this network and all it entails, but now hundreds of ministers of the Gospel are going to be challenged and inspired to be instruments of change through unity. The project is going to require approx $30,000 Australian to take us there and conduct these events. Hundreds of pastors are coming from nations far and wide with great excitement at what God is about to do in the Continent of Africa  but they have no way of even raising their bus fare or plane ticket to come and we are not planning to provide that for them, they are believing God to provide for their needs, it is impossible for most of these pastors to provide anything towards the cost of these events unlike we do in western countries where pastors gathering for a conference pay a registration fee to cover expenses.

How much is it worth to you to invest some dollars into changing a continent. We unashamedly seek your financial cooperation as partners in this great harvest. As you probably know, we support ourselves by working jobs and none of your suppoprt goes to meet our personal needs (unless you so designate). We seek your participation to allow hundreds of ministers to be blessed, encouraged, taught and equipped for kingdom building through unity across Africa.

we want to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of this great event by joining us in Africa from the 1 to 22 October this year. You will have the opportunity to minister to people in crusades, seeing salvation and healing before your eyes. You will be able to offer other skills and abilities that you have to share to work in unity and cooperation with the team to build something that will last for eternity.

We are also seeking people with high level business expereince to join the team that will be addressing 2 business leaders seminars In Nairobi and Kampala. Do you have senior business managment, training or sales experience or run your own successful company. Your knowledge will be put to good use by eager business listeners who are wanting to learn, grow and connect.

It is a faith venture, we don't know your final costs yet but it is expected to be somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000AUD per person. Plan on coming anyway and let God change you as you help bring change to a continent.

If you feel the Lord is leading you to participate with us in any of these three ways you can register your interest as a prayer partner, a donor or a team member here.

We will be happy to share with you as the project progresses and appreciate your support in whatever way you can help.

Do please register your support.

Love and blessings
Praying for our partners always

Howard & Joy Sands

Believing for Continental Shift.

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