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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Quite amazing and wonderful!!!

 I sent the following message to members of Africa network BFTF just 4 days ago and it has resulted in $437 in my ministry account in just 4 days. Plus hundreds of dollars in the accounts of the members in that time. Just take a look at what I said and judge for yourself whether this might be something you could do.


A message to all members of Africa Network BFTF

Something has become available that may help you and give you
an opportunity to help Africa Network BFTF at the same time
without it ever costing you anything. But it won't last long.

If someone asked you to give them $5 you might hesitate.
If someone said I want to give you $25 you might be skeptical and wonder why.
I am going to do both.  You might think I've gone crazy.

Will you give me $5 if I first give you $25?
Sounds like a good deal doesn't it?

Here is an opportunity for you to have $25 credited to your account
at absolutely no costs to you, all you have to do is register.
I thought that you might like to be generous towards Africa Network BFTF
with your new found finance and share a little with us to help in the work
of maintaining the network - It costs time and money to keep the network
going but we never ask you for any payment.

I have found someone that will give you $25
and I ask you to share some of that with BFTF as a thank you.
That's all. Easy.

I have shared this with a few people a few times in the last week or so
but now the days of free money are coming to end.
You have to act quickly.
Over the next few days this offer is expected to disappear.

After you have registered, login and see your account balance
(*you may have to wait one day to see it),
then go to tab "Send Money",
enter user name BFTF and make a donation.

Then tell your friends about this,
but they will have to act quickly,
(read the blog notes inside the site to see why this is ending soon).

Go here now and register to receive $25

Make your donation to user name:   BFTF

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