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Thursday, 28 January 2016


Either your spirit or your mind is going to dominate your body. 
Which is it going to be? its up to you. 

When you were born again your spirit was recreated brand new (2Cor5.17) with the righteousness of God (2Cor5.21) made a participant in His Divine Nature (2Pet1.4) and was supposed to dominate your mind (Rom12.2) and body and bring them into subjection to the Kingdom of God. . . . . but. . . . sometimes your spirit doesn't dominate because you fail to act on what you know. You fail to speak the Word of God as God has put it in your heart, (Mk11.23) for if you did speak it in faith you would put God's own creative power to work in your circumstances. I'm not talking about blab it and grab it, I'm not talking about positive thinking or positive confession; I am talking about what the faith eye sees, the faith mind believes and the faith tongue speaks until it actually creates a living vital thing was was first seen by the eye of faith. 

What can you see with your faith eye? What are you believing? People can tell what you are believing because they can hear what you say and see what you do. Your spirit can be seen by how you speak and act; is it taking control or is your lazy, unfruitful, backslidden, unregenerate, carnal mind taking charge? The best practise for changing your circumstances is to let your faith eyes do some speaking. 

Dr Howard Sands 

Howard Sands is the International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force, is available as a speaker for churches, outreaches, business & missions. 
For more details or to book Howard for your college, church or event see here.

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