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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Kingdom Building Through Unity.

Kingdom Building Through Unity. 

John 17.20-23 Jesus Talked about unity, Churches talk about unity.
The world sees the church and thinks - factions, fractured, confusion.

Have we got unity because we talk about it.?
Have we got unity because we believe in it?

The only way we can develop unity is to DO something about it.
I'm NOT talking about ECUNEMICALISM.
(everybody getting together and trying to agree)
They tried that with language ESPERANTO, it didn’t work.

There is something deeper, stronger, more binding than mere agreement, it is brotherhood. It's OK for you to worship different to me, practise your faith different to me, have a different view of end times to me, in fact most things are not mandatory that we do in our religion, but, there's the problem, religion - it divides, but Christ brings together. When I see you as my brother in Christ instead of my competitor or misinformed or a backslider or apostate, only then can we walk together in unity.
When we see and act together as brothers in Christ, only then do we have a chance at unity like Jesus prayed for.
"That they may be one as we are one."
What do you think ???
How well do you know your brother minister down the road?
How will you develop unity with other believers outside your church?
Let's develop a maturity for unity!!!

Jesus taught deep profound truths - Hidden mysteries of the kingdom that cannot be discovered with human intellect.
So human reasoning is not going to bring us unity.
There needs to be a spiritual connection.
Jesus refers to the church amongst other things as:-
A Field
A Building
A Body
These all signify one not many.
How many churches does Jesus have?

Jesus said "I will build my church..."
he did NOT say:-
I will start churchES across the world, or
He and a few others would build the church or
Apostles, churchplanters or whatever would build their church.

Lets be clear:-
It is His church, not ours (pastor, its not your church);
He will build it, your job is to preach the gospel & make disciples;
There is only one church, you are either in it or you're not (some might be surprised),
Jesus is coming back for HIS church, it will be one without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
So the question we should be asking ourselves is:-
Is what I am doing in line with what Jesus commanded me?
(Am I doing the job to prepare such a church?).
Food for thought!!! 

UNITY IS ACHIEVABLE if the desire and willingness is there.
Let me make it clear, I'm talking about Unity NOT Uniformity.
There is One God, One Lord Jesus Christ.
He is among the different churches but doing different things in each. There is beauty in diversity.
There are many local churches mentioned in the New Testament, they are all different.
As pastors and leaders we can easily get so concerned about our little flock (even if there are thousands in your church it is still little), that we forget the bigger picture that Jesus is looking at; millions around the world.
When we are self focussed we think about :-
• Protecting what WE have accumulated,
• What OUR ministry is doing,
• What outreaches OUR church is doing,
• How important WE look in the eyes of OUR people.
Friends, we don’t have any people.
Its HIS church not our church.
When we are Kingdom focused we:-
• Look at what Jesus is doing elsewhere & rejoice in it.
• Rejoice with other ministries & share with them; we are here for you, not us.
• Release people to have a ministry themselves separate from our local church because we don’t control them.
• If we have to control their every move we are of all people insecure and don’t know that Christ has made us free from law and placed us under grace.
When we are big enough to release people, God will grow us.
While we have to control people, we stay a small person.

How to build unity
Know your local pastors.

  • Get together to pray for each other and share ministry concerns.
  • Pray for common issues in your area, city, nation.  
  • Co-operate on some special events together.  

When a church can’t miss a service because:-
We won’t get the offering which we need for wages, building costs, loans, programs etc
We’ve missed the point of church.
We have organised unity OUT of the church by OUR commitments and OUR projects.

Is it possible that all this time we have not been preaching the same gospel as Jesus?

Matt 13.10-17  it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven
There are mysteries that the dull of hearing will not get.

Backbone of the religious church has been studying about the God of the Bible (Theology) –
an intellectual exercise in futility that cannot either personally know God or His kingdom.

Backbone of the relational church is intimately relating to God & hearing Him by His Spirit.

The purpose of meeting together in groups is not to learn about Him, -  but to know Him, experience intimate relationship.

The Church in this Kingdom age is returning to the reality of hearing and following the voice of God.

John 10.27  Hearing from God involves the Holy Spirit.
Jesus waited until the Holy Spirit came on Him before demonstrating the miracles of the kingdom, before bringing heaven to earth.

He taught us to pray like this:- "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven...."
What will you DO to ensure that it is? 

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