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Friday, 28 December 2018

People Find Christ & Ministers Find Unity

The Pastors and Leaders Unity Conference Malawi began in earnest in Blantyre, in southern Malawi on Thursday 8 November with the Beautiful Feet Task Force (BFTF) team of Rev Dr Howard Sands and Pastor Wayne Lyons from Australia at Divine Restoration Church International and hosted by Apostle Samuel Vinkhumbo.

The message of unity, it must be our priority if we are going to effectively communicate the gospel message to the masses that Jesus came for them, was delivered by the guest speakers with a passion for the love of the body of Christ. Malawi received the guests and the message well.

Two days of teaching and inspiration finished with embracing the need for unity and further endeavouring to make direct contacts with other ministry leaders not present to share the message.

The BFTF team also conducted evangelistic outreach at Chilombwe market in Blantyre with the aid of a variety of local singers and musicians who led the crowd in the busy market area with singing and local dancing in typical fashion for over an hour each night. 

The crowd of shoppers, taxi discharges, the patrons of the 6 immediate pubs and various passers by, were challenged with the gospel of Jesus love and judgement, the outcome of sin and the need of salvation, the love of God and his great desire to embrace them in His Kingdom.

Over 3 nights 49 people surrendered their lives to Jesus and came forward to pray the sinners prayer. 

These events and meetings were coordinated by Apostle Samuel Chaula Vinkhumbo, leader of the Malawi unity group for Africa Network BFTF (a division of Beautiful Feet Task Force) whose purpose is to build resources to help African Christian churches grow, mature & deliver the Great Commission.  

The team ministered in 2 local churches on the Sunday, dedicated a baby and ordained a new minister and led 6 people into the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

What a great time together building friendships, enjoying the layed back atmosphere and friendly people. On the Saturday we managed to take a short trip to view the tea plantations, visit Malawi’s tallest mountain and take tea at the golf club.  

Africa Network BFTF now has over 3200 members from 95 countries and has the growth, maturity and unity of the African church as its major priorities. The network is made up of members from many different denominations and many different kinds of ministries, it has approximately 82% of its membership resident in 44 Africa countries. 

Unity groups currently operate in 20 nations plus national groups for prayer, youth and determined action. 

Membership is invited from anyone involved in Christian ministry in or to Africa, whether full time, part time or volunteer. 

There’s More 
More networking, more resources, more training, more opportunities, more chances for unity, more ministers:- evangelists, singers, musicians, dancers, kids workers, ladies leaders, mens leaders, NGO’s, trainers, authors, teachers, pastors, prophets, apostles with a passion for Africa on Africa Network BFTF that need to hear what you have to say. 
Members can connect together, invite speakers, find places to speak, share their teachings and revelation, sell their product, work for unity.

Application is a two phase optin system, using a computer is recommended to apply. 
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Earn awards for your progress.

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