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Monday, 5 December 2016

Are You An Accidental Minister?

WHAT !!!! 

You say what is an accidental minister? well it just happened, God impacted your life and you started to share that impact with others. You started to minister the word of God as it was revealed to you, people listened, you asked people to give their lives to Christ - they did, your heart was filled with love for Christ and passion for His kingdom on earth and so you began, it wasn't something you prepared for, expected or planned, it wasn't something you went to school or college for and yet here you are - some time later - in the ministry - maybe pastor of a church or an evangelist - a gospel singer or some kind of leader in the church, because of the passion and the receptivity to the Spirit of God in you. 

Did you ever wonder how some ministers had so much understanding of the scriptures, did you ever wonder why some had such clarity of understanding of the things of God; did you ever wonder why you felt you had so little scripture knowledge? Training, study, development, mentoring; these things make a difference. It has been our heart and passion after being in Africa a few times to see a way that we might help passionate people like you build up their knowledge of sound doctrine to help prevent errors occurring in the church and prepare the next generation of trained and skilled leaders for the church. This college has been years in the making and yet it is not new, it is just new to BFTF in Africa. The Vision Bible College material has been developed over the last 40+ years, has been used in over 145 countries, has around 150,000 current students and around one and a half million have enrolled in its courses so far, however students at the new Africa Network Bible College | Kenya will receive special concessions arranged through BFTF to make it even more accessible to Kenyans.

JOE Ministries , Headquarters of  national college for
Africa Network Bible College | Kenya.
In August 2016 during the BFTF visit to Kenya we announced the launch of Africa Network Bible College | Kenya in cooperation with JOE Ministries (under the leadership of Bishop George Odhiambo) who have the personnel, skills, facilities and passion to train leaders for the ministry and so Africa Network Bible College | Kenya was born. Video report.
Now we are pleased to advise that a complete program has been arranged for training programs in 2017 and have attached the application form for you to attend in short blocks (and still maintain your Kenyan ministry or church). 

Rev Dr Howard Sands, International Director,
Beautiful Feet Task Force, speaks at the launch.
We  have made very special arrangements regarding the fees for Kenyans wishing to attend and receive an Australian internationally recognised or accredited award with the very best theological and practical ministry training.  Please consider your training (or those others under your care) and upgrade your formal qualifications (at a tiny fraction of the  Australian cost). If you are interested in getting full details or participating you should download the attached application form and submit to the national Kenya college headquarters.

This is a new day for Kenya.
Quality internationally recognised formal theological and ministry training education at an affordable price for Kenyans, facilitated by skilled Kenyan leaders in Kenya at an international standard.  Download the application now and submit for 2017 classes.    

Any questions you have regarding content in the application form and your individual circumstances can be discussed with the principal Ps Ken Ayiro Okuyo. 

Download application form here. 

I am looking forward to seeing you the next time I visit.
Rich Blessings

Rev Dr Howard Sands is the International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force, is available as a speaker for churches, outreaches, business & missions.

For more details or to book Howard for your college, church or event see how to frame an invitation here.

If you would like to assist BFTF in its mission to equipping Africa Network Bible College with chairs, tables, beds, linen, cupboards, filing cabinets etc etc so they can equip ministers with the word of God to empower their own generation you can donate to BFTF here

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