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Monday, 11 November 2013

The God of Provision

Thank God that He provides.
Today we have finalised the payment process and sent the money for the downpayment on the first BFTF Living Water Well for Kenya.

Through some difficulties of administration  earlier this year we have emerged with a new partner for the Living Water Well projects and are pleased to announce that the funds for the basic well to drill up to 110 metres at Gitugi, Muranga, Kenya have been received and sent. Over the next month or so we should be able to post some progress pictures.

We want to thank all those that have contributed, stood with us, believed in the ability to make a difference and been a part of this ministry and our lives. Today we begin a new chapter in changing lives for good in Kenya.

The village of Gitugi with a population of about 7000 has many needs, amongst them the need for fresh clean water. Let Bishop Gerishon tell the story of the need here in his own words.

Dear Pastor Howard,
I write to request you to consider digging a water well at our church in Gitugi, Muranga..
The Wings of Life Gospel Church International, Gitugi Branch is situated on Gitugi -Nyangiti, Road. It is in Muranga County, Gtugi Division. The population of this village is about 7,000 people translating to about 1330 families .

Kenya's people are, according to the United Nations, one of the most struggling populations in the world. With a population of approximately 36.6 million and an annual population growth of approximately 2.6%, the country's poverty index has also continued to steadily rise.

Water shortage in Gitugi,Muranga  means that a large population of women and children spend up to one-third of their day fetching water in the hot sun from the nearest fresh water source. This backbreaking work leaves roughly half of the  inhabitants vulnerable to serious dangers. In addition to exposure to the elements and risk of attack by predators, the primary water gatherers are also the most susceptible to water-borne diseases.

Water pathogens are a huge health problem here, as the people have been left unprotected against sporadic epidemics such as cholera and parasitic worms. The rate of exposure is extremely high because the water is not only contaminated at the basins and pumps where water is collected but the containers are almost always "found," second-hand objects, often previously used for oil, fertilizer or wastes.

Location of BFTF Living Water Well to be constructed on
Wings of Life Church at Gitugi ,Kenya
The land where the church stands wholly owned by Wings of Life Gospel Church International and has a freehold title deed. The property is solely use for church affairs.

This property is within a semi arid area where there is scarcity rainfall and getting clean water for human consumptions and for livestock is a tall order. Women and school going children walk for many miles to fact the rare commodity. The nearest clean water river is over 20km from this area Many families depend on harvested rain water which is do not last for long as many families can not afford to buy water tanks due to poverty levels. Women's, life in this area is defined by the burden of collecting water. For the old and the young, the sick and the healthy, it is a chore with no relief. Even when pregnant, women must trek over long distances in order to provide their families with water.

The strain of this arduous task has terrible health consequences for women. Often alone, some give birth on the journey to or from water points
It is women ’s duty to fetch water using their back even when pregnant
About 66 percent of Africa is arid or semi-arid dry lands like Gitugi, Muranga. More than 70 percent of people living in these dry lands suffer with water insecurity – meaning that they have less than 1,000 m3 per capita and do not have a reliable source of clean water close to home.

For women and children this mean walking up to 19 km carrying 20kg of water on their back each day. It is estimated that more than 152 million hours of women and girls’ time is consumed every day in the same way — collecting water to meet their families’ basic needs. Because of this, millions of women are inhibited from accomplishing little more than survival.
If by the grace of God this well is sunk here, l believe it will be a beg blessing to the surrounding community at large and mostly the church for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Hoping this project will go through soon.

Bishop Gerishon K, Njoroge

Other costs will be involved and if you would like to contribute to this project please consider
direct deposit to Beautiful Feet Task Force
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB 062 614
Account number 0094 0442

Ps Howard Sands at official opening of
BFTF Living Water Well in Tanzania 2012


or by Paypal to assist BFTF International Director Ps Howard Sands to conduct an evangelistic crusade there with the opening of the well to share the message of the Living Water spoken about by Jesus, bringing life to those dry and thirsty souls.

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