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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Well I'm Kind Of Blown Away

Today I have spent some time going through the letters, emails and messages I have received from friends around the world over the last month or so endorsing my new book, "The Foundations."

I knew it was needed because I couldn't find anything on the bookshop shelves that really provided for the needs of a new Christian to grow in Biblical understanding of what it meant to be a Christian and what was required in order to grow towards maturity, however I didn't really think it was that exciting, I just wrote it because there was a need.

Wow -
I am amazed at some of the comments

Just look at these few.

“The Foundation” by Howard Sands is one of the best concise training tools for new believers I have ever seen…..”
Pastor Dennis Balcombe - Hong Kong

An excellent and useful tool to help new Christians.
Rev Dr Ken Chant, Australia

This easy to read and teach foundation series is a must for Local Churches and ministries.
Apostle Leslie Munsamy, South Africa

Guys - thank you so much, and there are many more.
I guess if there is a need and people around the world see that, then the purpose of writing the book will have been fulfilled - to help new believers become grounded in the Word of God as the basis for their growth, maturity and believing.

On the final edits stage now before going back to the publisher.

I hope you have a great day and grow in Christ today.

You can order pre release copies now at

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